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How Many Characters Are in Apex Legends?

One day, Apex Legends will have 60 characters. That would mean that players could switch up the characters in each match. This could make for some interesting LTMs, though. While 60 characters could make the game more varied, some players have concerns about power creep. This is a real concern, especially as the newer characters would have to be stronger than previous characters. So, it is important to understand how many characters are in Apex Legends.

20 characters

As the roster of Apex Legends has grown, speculations about the future of the game have increased. Players are constantly speculating about what new characters will be introduced in the next season. The new leak shows that there are at least nine more characters on the way. According to the Reddit post, the next two years of the Apex Legends content will include upcoming new legends, weapons, maps, emotes, and more. Although the original files have been removed, players have shared their findings in comment threads.


If you’ve been playing the Apex Legends multiplayer game, you know that the game has a lot of different characters. Each character has a unique skill and role, so you may want to choose the character that fits your playing style best. In addition to fighting, there are other characters that can be used for scouting and distraction. There are currently 18 different characters, but there will most likely be more in future seasons.


If you want to know how many characters are in Apex Legends Bloodhound, you need to first look at the characters’ capabilities. Each character has unique passive, Tactical, and Ultimate abilities. The tactical ability of Bloodhound is called Eye of the Allfather, and it allows you to see hidden enemies and traps around you. It also helps you flush out campers that may be hiding inside buildings.


Apex Legends features a wide variety of characters that all play a different role. Some are more effective at certain kinds of play than others, but whichever one you choose, you’ll definitely find a role to fit your playing style. For example, Crypto is an excellent scout with a unique skill set. She can send out a drone to do reconnaissance for her team. She can detect enemy units up to 30 meters away and is susceptible to attacks from enemies.


While there are plenty of ways to use the new Caustic character in Apex Legends, one of the best tactics is to run away. While you don’t have any movement abilities, the poisonous gasses in this character’s ultimate ability allow you to hit a lot of people quickly. If you do find yourself in this situation, it’s best to avoid open spaces and focus on corners to place your Nox Gas Trap. Also, be sure to close doors so that no fumes can seep into your team.


In Apex Legends, you can choose your hero, and you can choose how many heroes you want to join your squad. These heroes all have unique skills, but you can also change the type of hero you are. In this way, you can have an advantage over your opponents. In this guide, we’ll go over all of the different heroes in the game, and how to increase their Octane.


The latest Apex Legend, Valkyrie, is a well-balanced and versatile character. She is a support character, which means that her skills aren’t overly offensive, but that she is still able to take out enemies using her Missile swarm. These missiles are a good way to punch through and rattle enemies, but they aren’t strong enough to eliminate a full squad.


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