Saturday Dec 03, 2022

Does the Sex of Your Surgeon Matter?

Does Sex of Surgeon Matter

One recent study suggests that sex matters when choosing a surgeon. Researchers at the University of Toronto studied 1.3 million patients treated by nearly three thousand physicians. They analyzed postoperative outcomes and examined the relationship between the sexes of patients and surgeons. They also compared genders and found that female patients had significantly lower rates of adverse outcomes and readmission after surgery than those with male surgeons.

While there is little evidence that gender has any impact on surgical outcomes, some research suggests that sex does influence how surgeons diagnose patients. In one study, female doctors had a 15% lower rate of adverse outcomes than their male counterparts. However, men underwent the same surgery and had similar results. For this reason, sex doesn’t appear to be a factor when choosing a surgeon.

Another study suggests that sex does matter. Using a male surgeon was associated with a greater chance of death and major complications. Women underwent the same surgery with a female surgeon, but they had a 15% lower risk of a heart attack. This means that a female surgeon is more likely to provide superior care. The researchers also note that the gender of a surgeon has no impact on the quality of his or her care.

Studies also suggest that female surgeons may have better outcomes than their male counterparts. Furthermore, patients who underwent surgeries with a female surgeon had a 15% lower chance of suffering a major complication, while patients who underwent surgery with a male surgeon had a 12% lower risk of adverse outcomes. This finding suggests that the sex of a surgeon may not affect the quality of care a patient receives.

Some studies indicate that female surgeons are better listeners than male surgeons. However, there is no definitive evidence that female surgeons are better at listening to patients. In addition, a female surgeon may have more empathy with their patients than a male surgeon. It may also help patients have a better experience. This study shows that the sex of a surgeon matters a lot when it comes to a surgeon’s expertise.

In some cases, it may matter. This is because male surgeons are more likely to perform surgeries that women can’t perform. And women who have a male surgeon are more likely to die from the complications and are more likely to require repeated surgery. In fact, there are more risks when a woman undergoes an operation than a man. Moreover, if she’s a woman, she’ll be more likely to be more attentive to the needs of her patients.


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